3 September

A workshop for women

In this workshop the intention is to give you tools to work with the ever changing
and evolving system of the female organs. To balance the entwined, internal
dialogue of the glands that secrete the hormones that can send you into a state
of calm or chaos.
We will explore a practice of Asana and Pranayama to best support your
personal journey whatever this might be for you.
The workshop will cover a number of the most common issues around
menstruation, peri menopause and menopause, including excessive bleeding,
pain, fatigue, hot flushes and mood variations and of course anything else that
may come up on the day. We will with your blessing talk through, share things
within our respectful, supportive group. All information is keep private and not
shared beyond the circle of those who attend on the day.
What will be covered is pertinent to women of all ages.
Kate’s aims in this workshop is to find ways to practice that works for us no
matter what is happening.



Single workshop
$85 full price / $75 concession

All 5 workshops
$375 full price

Early Morning SPRING Intensive
$120 full price / $100 concession

Early Morning Intensive PLUS Spring Clean / Daylight Savings workshop
Special Discount
$175 full price / $165 concession