Spice up your practice and warm up your toes!
Towards the end of winter many of us feel a bit subdued and dull, a bit sluggish.
Circulation can feel a bit stagnant. We long for the energy of springtime.
Join Kate in this workshop and let her show you how to get things moving.
In this early Spring workshop, Kate aims to work to increase your circulation,
clear the channels, and to build a store of resilient energy to fuel the spring in
your step.
We all know the difference between Body, Mind and Spirit. But in our world we
often encourage one of these aspects of ourself above the others. We aim in
yoga to recognise and embrace all aspects of ourself equally, to become whole.
Throughout our time together we will twist, and turn, and lengthen to clear the
channels. We will move toward a better state of health, a clearer brain function,
and spark our determination and dedication to move forward. This workshop will
give you the tools and insights to make this internal shift for yourself. To is for
you to chose
We will spend some time exploring Sun Salutes and some inversion practices.
…Surya namaskar, where blood is diffused into the solar plexus, stimulates the
abdominal organs and gives energy. The neck balance and forward bends of
Surya Namaskar supply blood to the brain, dispersing depression and lethargy.
– Mira Mehta


Single workshop
$85 full price / $75 concession

All 5 workshops
$375 full price

Early Morning SPRING Intensive
$120 full price / $100 concession

Early Morning Intensive PLUS Spring Clean / Daylight Savings workshop
Special Discount
$175 full price / $165 concession