Change of Season
Change of Pace. 

Restorative Yoga: Getting to know the breath

How do you feel settling into the current year?
Take a moment to reflect on what intentions you considered as the new year began, that you set yourself, and where changes have started to happen or need to occur.

SUNDAY 26 March
with Kate Bywaters

In the first of what we are planning to be a monthly series of workshops, Kate will guide you through slow paced, restorative movement and breathing practices, aimed at refreshing and nourishing the mind, body and soul.

This will be an exploration of restful postures that help facilitate awareness, and the free movement of the breath…breathing to soothe to and nourish.
You will be left feeling rejuvenated and ready to begin your week, moving forward with a renewed sense of ease… and of clarity.

A restorative practice should not be seen as something we only do when we feel tired, overwhelmed or unwell.
Many of us in our lives often get to the point of feeling like this, and it can be difficult to ‘shift gear’.
These practices have the capacity to not only soothe and rejuvenate, but to quietly shift that which no longer serves us, and even some of the things which we can not always see clearly.
Restorative practice works on the deeper layers within ourselves, physically, psychologically and physiologically.

Kate writes:
“My personal experience is that I walk away feeling lighter, and with a sense of clarity, an uplifted heart, and a more positive outlook.”

Restorative practice:

• Soothes and balances the nervous system
• Releases muscular tension
• improves mobility and flexibility
• Boosts the Immune system
• Deeply relaxes the body
• Stills a busy mind

• Improves capacity for healing and balancing.

$85 full price for each workshop
$75 concession
For anyone wishing to commit and pay NOW for all 4 workshops we offer the special discounted price of $300 for all 4 workshops.

Payments can be made via direct Funds Transfer