Reiki Practitioner

Souzi is making a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER for the month of September:
Your first session for $50. (Normal price $90)

Hello I’m Souzi Kalaskanis
…allow me to assist you in experiencing the calming and balancing energies of Reiki.

Reiki is a healing technique whereby energy goes through me to you through my hands to promote well-being.
I perform a ‘Hands On’ approach moving my hands to different positions along your body.

I focus on areas of concern, so if you have a particular injury , eg Back, Elbow or Hip pain I stay on those areas longer and focus more energy.
If you feel overwhelmed, worried or stressed I focus more on the head area and then continue my way down the length of your body.

Reiki has many health benefits,
It assists in:

– Mood balancing
– Stress Relief
– Assists in general aches and pains
– Allows a positive mental state
– Deep relaxation
– Soothing/Comforting

I have a young family so my days can be demanding and quite busy and so I regularly use Reiki on myself as a Self Care tool and benefit immensely from the positive energy .

The benefits of Reiki are endless.