Reiki Practitioner

Vanessa is now resident at Harvest Yoga on Saturdays and is available for appointment

Are you looking for a relaxing, mediative experience to calm your mind and connect back to yourself?
Hi, I’m Vanessa Maree and I am offering Reiki at Harvest Yoga.
Reiki has transformed my life and largely assisted me in moving through my healing journey and
balancing my emotions. Reiki is a special practice that I feel I was called to share with others.
Reiki is a Japanese healing system created by Mikao Usui in approximately 1920. Reiki treatments
improve and balance your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

Reiki has the following benefits:
• Increases your energy levels
• Relaxes your central nervous system
• Balances your mental and emotional state
• Decreases your pain and tension
Reiki can help you to manage:
• Anxiety, depression and grief
• Back, neck and shoulder pain
• Insomnia and stress
• Life challenges

If you would like to connect back to yourself, listen to the inner wisdom and whispers of your soul, I
invite you to book in a session with me using the link below.

**I am currently running an introductory offer of a one hour session for $80.00 for Harvest Yoga

Click here to book your Reiki session: